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The Study: Assessing the change in attitudes, knowledge, and perspectives of medical students towards chiropractic after an educational intervention

The Facts:

  1. The authors looked at the changes that occurred in the attitudes and understanding regarding chiropractic by a group of medical students following a 1-hour presentation.
  2.  The authors gave a 52 item survey to second year medical students and then presented the same survey to the students when they were in their third year.
  3.  However, in the third year they presented a 1-hour class on chiropractic prior to the students completing the form.
  4.  The class presented such topics as chiropractic education, treatment methods, scope of chiropractic and current evidence regarding safety and effectiveness.
  5.  The students scored higher, having more correct answers on the survey, following the presentation than they did the previous year.
  6.  The attitudes of the students toward chiropractic also improved.
  7.  The authors selected 6 students and held a focus group. The focus group indicated the medical students would like to see chiropractic in a clinical setting and that they had concerns over the safety of chiropractic care. They also indicated that education concerning chiropractic needed to be presented to medical students sooner than the third year of medical school.
  8.  Educating medical students regarding chiropractic might improve working relations between medical and chiropractic providers.

Take Home:

Educating medial students early in their medical training on the facts related to chiropractic and exposing them to chiropractic in a clinical setting may improve relations between the two professions.

 Reviewer's Comments:

I think it would improve relations. I am most happy to have everyone look at the science related to the practice of chiropractic especially in the area of safety. I always say it is harder to hate people you know. I think all providers should work together for the health of the patient and sometimes only our differences get highlighted instead of the cooperation. To the chiropractors that inappropriately attack medical providers, just stop it's not helping. To the medical providers that inappropriately attack chiropractors, especially regarding safety, just stop it's not helping. But just to take a little jab at my medical colleagues. I was wondering if you might like to show us the studies on the safety of spinal surgery. What's good for the goose should be good for the gander.

 Reviewer: Roger Coleman DC

 Reference: Wong JJ, Di Loreto L, Kara A, Yu K, Mattia A, Soave D, Weyman K, Kopansky-Giles D. Assessing the change in attitudes, knowledge, and perspectives of medical students towards chiropractic after an educational intervention. J Chiropr Educ. 2014;28:112-22.

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